Series IV: Political Writings

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Volume IV,1: 1667-1676

3., revised edition Berlin 1983

Volume IV,2: 1677-1687

2., revised edition Berlin 1984

Volume IV,3: 1677-1689

Berlin 1986

Volume IV,4: 1680-1692

Berlin 2001

Volume IV,5: 1692-1694

Berlin 2004

Volume IV,7: 1697 to the beginning 1699

Berlin 2011

Volume IV,8: 1699 to the beginning 1700

Berlin and Boston 2015

Volume IV,9: 1701-1702

Berlin and Boston 2019

Volume IV,10: 1702 to the beginning 1704

Berlin and Boston 2022

Corrigenda on the volumes of series IV

Addenda to series IV

We would like to stress that the texts provided here are provisional versions. Until the final edition in the Academy edition, profound changes will be made in terms of content and form.